Congratulations, Tesserae!

Congrats to the ND-UB team on receiving one of the NEH’s largest DH awards to date!
Walter Scheirer and Neil Coffee will head up the project, “Tesserae Intertext Service” starting 2018!

Tesserae is a collaborative, Digital Humanities research group based at the University at Buffalo, where I worked from 2012-2014 as the Tesserae Fellow. My job involved both developing software and conducting new research on influence and intertextuality in classical literature. I wrote the code that underlies the current version of Tesserae’s allusion search tool.

Led by Neil Coffee (Classics, Buffalo) and Walter J. Scheirer (Computer Science, Notre Dame), Tesserae includes faculty and students from multiple departments at UB and Notre Dame, as well as partners and affiliates at numerous other schools. In addition to developing the online search tool, the group studies various aspects of literary allusion in Latin poetry, including corpus-wide network analysis of intertextual connections, developing new metrics of allusive density, and quantifying reader response to text-reuse.

Check out Tesserae’s ongoing research at their blog, or check out their code on GitHub.